Color Stone Rings: Segueing To High Fashion

Color stone rings are becoming the trend these days. People are no longer limited to wearing their birthstones. And rather than buying ready-to-wear jewelry pieces, many women are experimenting with stones in different colors and matching them with differently designed ring bands.


In the old days before the rise of high fashion, colored stones had a sacred place. People wore their birthstones to bring in better luck and deflect bad luck. Colored stones were used to help holy men predict the future and heal diseases.


14k Yellow Gold
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People ancient times actually believed that colored stones were channels of the energy coming from the planets; that the stones of each Zodiac sign gave superpowers to the individuals who wear them. Today, probably the only power that color stones can transmit to humans is the power of self-confidence and high fashion. Then there is also the power of meanings – depending on who is giving, color stone rings can mean friendship, love or commitment.


More and more, a girl’s best friend has expanded from diamonds to colored stones. If you look at online jewelry stores, you will find that you can buy color gemstones and set them on gold, silver and platinum bands. Some of the most popular color stone rings have on them Alexandrite, Amethyst, Cultured Pearl, Emerald Garnet, Opal, Pink Peridot, Rhodolite, Ruby, Sapphire, and Topaz.


Choosing a stone has little to do with its fabled powers, it has everything to do with a stone’s color, which gives a stone its “soul”. A stone’s color is what sets its price – too dark or too light, and the stone will cost less than a stone that is of pure spectral color or colors.


Colored stones are actually spectral colors combined with varying degrees of black, white, gray, and brown. Earth colors affect the tone of a spectral color – more black in red yields dark red. The known spectral colors that you find in color stones are green, blue, orange, violet, indigo, yellow or red. Among them, and depending on the earth color, there is wide range of intensities, tones, and evenness.


The good thing about color stone rings is that you can actually wear them everyday to your office or during evenings at a dinner date. Color stones are rarely bought for their potential investment value; they are just bought for their colors. So probably the only thing you have to worry about is the detailed color analysis by independent gemological institutes, but even with that, the beauty of color stones and colored stone rings rest primarily on the eyes of the beholder.


Just like their brick and mortar counterparts, these online businesses would have an in-house jewelry appraiser. When you have received your diamond, you can send a photocopy of the diamond’s certificate. The appraiser then gives out an impartial evaluation based on the facts contained in the certificate.



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